Ancient Messaging: Kawads, Mandalas & Portals


Making art is my way of sending messages out into the world.   Since humans first painted figures and symbols onto cave walls, we have been inventing interesting ways of messaging each other. This exhibition offers my interpretation of three creative messaging formats taken from three distinct and ancient cultural traditions:

  • the Kawad of Hindu practice, is a hand carried multi-doored shrine used to tell stories of gods, local heroes and family histories

  • the Mandala of Buddhism, is a symbolic representation of wholeness, generally depicted within a circle, used for focusing attention

  •  the Portal, of Judeo-Christian Triptych & Diptych tradition, is a multi-paneled artwork originating from early narrative altar pieces.


I use the Kawad, Mandala and Portal formats to send messages, from playful to dire, that reveal what's on my mind, and perhaps mirror our shared human experience of the things we want, we fear, we believe and we love.

Lou Storey, 2018