Solo Exhibitions

2019 Summer                          Noyes Museum/Claridge                                        Atlantic City, NJ               

2017 Fall                                 Memorial Sloan Kettering                                      Middletown, NJ

2016 Winter                            AtlanticCare Gallery                                              Atlantic City, NJ

2015 Winter                            Caldwell College                                                    Caldwell, NJ

2009 September                     Trinity Gallery                                                         Trenton, NJ
2006 Summer                         Rock, Paper, Scissors Gallery                                 Asbury Park, NJ

2001 August                           Gunderdell Gallery                                                 Amherst, Mass.
1994 September                     Interchurch Center Gallery                                     New York, NY
1992 November                     Chocolate Church                                                   Bath, Maine
1989 March                            BACA Downtown                                                  Brooklyn, NY
1986 February                       55 Mercer Gallery                                                   New York, NY
1984 November                     Salena Gallery, Long Island U.                               Brooklyn, NY
1981 September                    The Source Gallery                                                  San Fran., Ca.
1980 December                     500 Exposition Gallery                                            Dallas, TX

Group Exhibitions

2018 Summer                          Kramer Hall, Stockton University                          Stockton, NJ

2014-5 October                       Art Garage                                                              Atlantic City, NJ

2013 Winter                             Arts Guild, “By the Book”                                     Rahway, NJ

2012 September                     Shore Institute of Contemporary Art                       Asbury Park, NJ

2012 August                            Noyes Museum                                                       Oceanville, NJ

2012 August                            ArtPride                                                                   Burlington, NJ

2012 April                               Gallery U                                                                 Red Bank, NJ

2011 September                     Shore Institute of Contemporary Art                       Long Branch, NJ

2010 Summer                         Islip Museum of Contemporary Art                         E. Islip, N.Y.

2009 Summer                         Noyes Signature Artists                                          Oceanville, NJ

2009 January                          Monmouth Museum                                                Lincroft, NJ             

2009 January                          Gallery 125                                                             Trenton, NJ

2008 October                          Noyes Museum                                                       Oceanville, NJ

2008 May                                Trump Taj Mahal                                                     Atlantic City, NJ

2008 March                             Belmar Arts Council Exhibition                                Belmar, NJ

2008 January                          Monmouth Museum                                                Lincroft, NJ

2007 October                          Shore Inst. Contemporary Art                                 Long Branch, NJ
2007 April                                Monmouth University                                              W. Long Branch, NJ

2006 May                                Red Saw Gallery                                                     Newark, NJ
2006 January                          Texas Artist’s Museum                                           Port Arthur, TX
2005 November                      Orange Co. Center Cont. Art                                  Santa Ana, Ca
2005 October                          South Shore Art Center                                          Cohasset, MA
2005 August                            Caladan Gallery                                                      Beverly, MA
1994 March                             Artists Space                                                           New York, NY
1991 April                                Gallery on the Green                                              Canton, Ct.
1990 February                        Marymount College                                                New York, NY
1989 January                          Puck Building                                                          New York, NY
1988 December                     BACA Downtown                                                    Brooklyn, NY
1987 October                          Foreman Gallery                                                     New York, NY
1985 January                          Rathbone Gallery                                                    Albany, NY
1983 October                          New York Terminal Show                                       Brooklyn, NY
1983 April                                Inroads Gallery                                                       New York, NY
1982 May                                Hunterton Art Center                                              Clinton, NJ
1981 November                      Texas State University Gallery                               Houston, TX
1981 February                        Tweed Court House                                                New York, NY


Awards and Recognition

-2015 Arts and Mental Health recognition award, MHA NJ

-2013, Statue of Responsibility Award  “In recognition of promoting the arts” Dallas Texas.

-2012 NJ Artist of the Month, Discovery Jersey Arts 

-2007 to present- awarded Signature Artist status at the Noyes Museum of Art, Oceanville, NJ. 

-Various published art (journals and publications), list and images on request.


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Lou Storey is a New Jersey artist who has exhibited extensively both locally and nationally for 40 years.  The current resin cast Kawads, Portals and Mandalas are a series begun in 2016 and completed in 2018. "I call my style Narrative/Decorative--two things I love, telling stories and playing with shapes and colors. I think all art tells us something about the artist and about their world, in my case, a kind of visual diary that I want you to read." 

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LOL Kawad
LOL Kawad
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