Lou Storey

3 Kelly Lane

Long Branch, NJ 07740

(908) 601-2506-cell



Artist Talk PowerPoint presentation:

  • encompassing the history and culture of the messaging traditions of Kawads, Mandalas and Portals from the perspective of the artists’ intentions as well as the impact of the art;

  • providing an examination of artistic cultural appropriation and misappropriation along with the role of inspiration;

  • reviewing the artist’s evolution regarding art-making and working within the three traditions illustrated in the exhibition.


Acrylic Resin casting Workshop:

Lou Storey will present a demonstration workshop offering information and instruction on working with synthetic polymer resin, a material that offers artists an opportunity for exploring and creating shapes in multiple.  This demonstration will give a ‘how to’ breakdown encompassing preparation and early concept, clay modeling, mold making and shape casting. Information handouts and material catalogs will be provided.